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Calf Health: Nurturing gut wellness and a healthy environment

We provide a natural toxin binder (ACVM approved Optimate) to reduce harmful bacteria and a high-quality probiotic to promote beneficial bacteria in calf health.

Additionally, we effectively eliminate bacteria in the calf's bedding environment while absorbing moisture and ammonia. These solutions, all based on New Zealand's natural zeolite, ensure your calves receive the best start in life.

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Ultimate Calf Health

It takes a trio of solutions to provide each calf with the best start in life, to give them the greatest chance to thrive into healthy, fertile and productive adults. 

The first of the trio to be introduced is a bedding agent that absorbs moisture/ammonia from their bedding in calf pens and kills harmful bacteria, reducing the chance of illnesses scours or lung disease picked up from calf waste in their shavings.

Secondly we discuss clearing out the bad bacteria within the calves using OptiCalf™. This is a well known. well loved product that calves enjoy the taste of.  It is made of 100% natural NZ zeolite in the form of Optimate™, an ACVM registered toxin binder.

And making up the trio of solutions is OptiCalf™ Flourish, providing billions of good bacteria to help the calves to thrive.

OptiCalf Flourish

Let the digestive tract flourish with billions of good bacteria.


  • Calf productivity

  • Healthy calves - weight gain

  • Introducing billions of good bacteria into the gut


  • Kemin® CLOSTAT® probiotics to assist with the maintenance of health and productivity of animals

  • For minor cases of calf diarrhoea

  • Contains NZ natural Zeolite in the form of Optimate an ACVM registered toxin binder

  • Designed to be added to milk to easily distribute to calves

"Our calves had crypto but OPTICALF FLOURISH helped them recover really quickly. OPTICALF FLOURISH plus electrolytes and I didn't lose any calves, didn't treat any individually. They had more resilience and faster recovery."

Ange Gower, Te Awamutu

Myths about OptiCalf Flourish


Calf health naturally.


  • Great value for money

  • Raise healthy calves

  • Calves love the taste


  • Calves love the taste

  • Suitable for minor cases of calf diarrhoea

  • BioGro Certified input for organics

  • Contains NZ natural Zeolite in the form of Optimate, an ACVM registered toxin binder

Calves eating OptiCalf

ZorbiFresh Active

Reduce bacteria, ammonia and moisture in bedding.


  • Bedding conditioner for cows, calves, equine and swine

  • Absorbs up to 199% of its weight in moisture

  • Reduces odour for a safer environment

  • Starts killing bacteria (including Staph aureus and E. coli) as soon as it is applied and keeps killing beyond 24 hours


  • ZorbiFresh™ Active can be used as part of a regular process to keep calf pens clean and disease free, but is also highly effective in larger doses post a bacterial outbreak.

  • ZorbiFresh™ Active starts killing bacteria (including Staph.Aureus and E.coli) as soon as it is applied and keeps killing beyond 24 hours.

  • ZorbiFresh™ Active absorbs up to 199% of its weight in moisture, soaking up ammonia and nitrates. This prevents ammonia from turning into ammonium and keeping the air fresher for longer, healthier for both animals and workers.


OptiGuard™ is a coarser milled form of NZ natural zeolite.

It is suitable for minor cases of calf diarrhoea.

Sold through Veterinary Clinics, only, nationwide.

Calves love the taste.

BioGro Certified Input for Organics.

Suitable for use in milk.

NZ natural Zeolite in the form of Optimate™, an ACVM registered toxin binder.

OptiGuard Bag

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