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Hand cleaning, spill absorbents, cat litter and bbq cleaning we do it all - naturally.

Magic Mud and Mineral Sponge are becoming well know for being highly effective products and totally natural.

Liquid Absorbent

Absorbs fat and other liquids from bbqs or spills around the home.

Mineral Sponge is well known in mechanics workshops and manufacturing sites where it is able to absorb liquid spills.

Cat Litter

NZ natural zeolite cat litter, better for your pet and the environment.

Blue Pacific Minerals is Australasia's largest manufacturer of clay litter.

Naturally Awesome Hand Cleaner

Magic Mud is truely magic. It attracts and absorbs grease and grime. It can rid your hands of nasty odours such as fish bait or garlic cooking smells.

Magic Mud Tube for clean hands naturally

Magic Mud hand cleaner

Magic Mud™ is a unique natural hand cleaner containing our NZ natural Zeolite.

The Soft Zeolite properties magnetically pull contaminants away from the skin and are tough enough to clean dirt, grease, oil, paint, chemicals, and amazingly removes the most rank of smells from your hands!

Cat litter

Pet owners want the best for their pets, this includes when they use a litter box. Blue Pacific Minerals cat litter is a natural solution, absorbing up to 199% of moisture and ammonia and also eradicating odours.

As an added benefit, the litter can be thrown in to the garden once used and it will then benefit your garden by slowly releasing nutrients.

Our home brand Kritter Litter is only available through SPCA around NZ.

FUN FACT: Blue Pacific Minerals is Australasia's largest manufacturer of clay litter

Mineral Sponge at home

When spills happen you need Mineral Sponge close to hand. The zeolite in Mineral Sponge absorbs up to 199% of it's weight in moisture and reduces odour. This contains the spill and stops it from running in to drains.

Ideal for fresh oil patches on the driveway or messy liquid spills in the garage.

Mineral Sponge is great for the home bbq to absorb dripping oils and fats, preventing large flames from charing your food.

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