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Blue Pacific Minerals: Your natural problem-solving partner, blending organic compounds with cutting-edge science to address global challenges

We can all appreciate that we have one earth and that our actions as a human race are having a direct impact on the sustainability of our planet.

As individuals we can make decisions to positively impact the environment around us and as businesses we can make even larger scale changes.

Blue Pacific Minerals have discovered a natural mineral that can help governments, councils, businesses and even individuals to clean up some of our past discretions or to start to make long-term sustainable changes for our planet.

By harnessing organic and synthetic liquid components, we deliver sustainable solutions that enhance productivity and profitability for farms, businesses, and organisations.


Our purpose is to enhance and protect the environment, improve the health and wellbeing of both humans and animals, and enable farmers and growers to sustainably increase production and profitability.

About us

Blue Pacific Minerals was founded by an entrepreneurial farmer, farming on land that turned out to be home to a very clever mineral.

What started with being a clever solution to cow lameness on races has gone on to solve numerous challenges, across varied industries, in over 20 different countries. 

Our company has grown exponentially in the drive to deliver more natural solutions. We are far from a 'rock mining' company, it is the clever attributes of the NZ zeolite that has opened up a world of possibilities and the world's growing demand for environmentally friendly solutions is fuelling the company's growth.

We are located in Tokoroa, New Zealand where we have state of the art facilities for drying, crushing, mixing and processing the zeolite into value added products to our customers specifications or packaged in to our home brand products.

We pride ourselves on our ability to be agile and customise to meet our customer's needs. 

Meet our team

We are a positive, innovative and down-to-earth team, with a head office and manufacturing in Tokoroa, South Waikato. If you have any enquiries, we would love to speak with you, so please get in touch.

Agriculture Technical Sales Team

Quality control and accreditations

We have an ongoing committment to quality and health and safety. This means that you can be rest assurred of our product quality and performance.

We work with our customers to agree quality and testing standards which are documented and audited. We have QA testing on site and test to our own internal standards and customer specifications.

We are always striving to improve. We believe in building long term enduring relationships. This means standing behind our productions, services and materials.
We hold the following certifications:

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification

  • Woolworths Supplier Excellence Programme

  • BioGro Certified Input for Organics


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