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Naturallly awesome hand cleaner. Magic Mud is able to absorb grease and grime and even stinky odours.

From fishing bait, to gardening dirt, from paint to calf milk, we have you sorted for cleaning off the toughest of smells and stains.

Naturally awesome hand cleaner

Magic Mud™ is the answer to the problem that there are no natural hand cleaners on the market grunty enough to clean really dirty, smelly hands.

Magic Mud’s soft zeolite has magical like properties, that magnetically pull containments away from the skin, while the fine grains help clean and deodorize, leaving hands feeling clean and smelling fresh. 

Magic Mud™ also contains silica which leaves the hands feeling soft and supple.

Magic Mud™ comes in a handy 250 gram tube, and has been developed with the consumer in mind, having a wide range of applications & satisfying the demand for more natural cleaning products.

Magic Mud™ has a wide consumer appeal, ranging from the home handyman, gardener, fisherman, outdoors type, mechanic, kids, cook, farmer basically anyone who gets their hands dirty & smelly, and wants to clean and deodorize them naturally!

  • MPI approved for use in farm dairies

  • MPI recognised for use in dairy processing

  • MPI Approved C 51 (All animal product except dairy)

"MPI approved for use in farm dairies"

"Magic Mud actually absorbs rank smells. It really is magic!"

"It can handle grease, mud, paint and fish guts. Awesome."

The Soft Zeolite properties magnetically pull contaminants away from the skin and are tough enough to clean dirt, grease, oil, paint, chemicals, and amazingly removes the most rank of smells from your hands!

Magic Mud 250gm tube

Magic Mud 5kg Jerry Can

Magic Mud 15kg pail

Magic Mud™ is available from the following retailers:

Mr Mud Distributors

Phone Al: 021509399

Reed Product Distributors

Phone Colin: 0274754886

Kamo Industrial Supplies

Phone Alan: 0274652230

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