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Blue Pacific Minerals is dedicated to offering innovative, sustainable nutrient solutions for farmers, growers, and gardeners

We are dedicated to offering a range of products that cater to the needs of different growing environments and crops, including both synthetic and organic fertilisers. Our beneficial bacteria and fungi help to promote healthy soil and plant growth, while also improving the overall health of the ecosystem.

Soil Amendments

Unique zeolite soil solutions. Natural and nutrient loaded options.

PermaGro range for slow release of nutrients. PermaWet wetter solutions. PermaForm natural desiccant powder and PermaRoof for green roofs and living walls.

Turf Nutrients and Amendments

Elite turf care solutions. Zeolite-amended substrates for optimal performance.

A range of specific liquid and granule turf products - PermaGreen Range.

Pasture and Crops

Ensuring productive and sustainable pastures and crops.

AgriFert liquid fertilisers including liquid UAN nitrogen with a seaweed base or humic, fulvic base.

Granular Fertilisers

Enhance soils while feeding the plant: unique granular fertiliser program using NZ natural Zeolite to slowly release moisture and nutrients.

PermaGro, PermaWet, PermaGreen and PermaRoof 

Liquid Fertilisers

Unlock your plant's potential with our diverse range of liquid fertilisers, soil conditioners and nutrients. Whether you seek robust growth or need to address nutrient deficiencies - we have you covered.

PermaGreen and AgriFert

A range of slow release fertilisers that improve plant and soil performance

The range includes; a general use - powerful slow release fertiliser, a product specific to vine crops and a certified organic option.

AgriFert NutraBoost range

AgriFert NutraBoost is a family of liquid Humic and Fulvic based soil conditioners and biostimulants with selected micronutrients which deliver a premium solution for improving soil health and plant growth. 

Features of AgriFert NutraBoost

  • Use as a foliar spray, soil drench or fertigation application

  • Soil conditioner, biostimulant

  • Supports nutrient uptake

  • Combines with other liquid fertiliser solutions for improved performance

  • Highly concentrated for extended coverage

  • Blended ready to use

Formulated with a blend of natural Humic and Fulvic acids, extracted from the best Lignite sourced out of New Zealand and Australia, it helps to increase nutrient uptake, improve soil structure, and promote microbial activity, resulting in stronger, healthier plants and higher yields 

Primary sectors:

  • Agriculture

  • Horticulture

  • Turf

PermaGreen Range

Introducing PermaGreen, a range of high-quality turf liquid and granular products, designed to meet the diverse needs of your turf grass. Year around. 

Features of PermaGreen: 

  • Folia spray and granular options 

  • Seasonal range to suit growing and showing

  • Granular improves CEC and moisture mgmt

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