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Granules of slow release goodness

Discover our exclusive granular fertiliser program, offering diverse material sizes and dispersible granules.

Experience the benefits of improved plant nutrients, conditioned soils, and elevated CEC.

Our innovative approach boosts soil structure, nutrient retention, and moisture capacity, fostering healthier and thriving landscapes.

PermaGreen Energise Granule

Premium foliar fertiliser to boost growth, especially in colder weather or after a dormant period.

Designed for excellent growth and nutrient uptake.

PermaGreen® Energise™ contains high-quality ingredients that provide plant nutrition, with a focus on nitrogen to promote growth and added Sulphur to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Nitrogen.

PermaGreen® Energise™ is loaded on to a Zeolite granule. The granular version helps the CEC of the soil and provides a slow release of the fertiliser.


  • Supplies nutrients for increased growth

  • Improves the CEC of the soil

  • Enhances plant and soil health

  • Increases resistance to disease

A range of slow release fertilisers that improve plant and soil performance

The range includes; a general use - powerful slow release fertiliser, a product specific to vine crops and a certified organic option.

Easy application:

PERMAGRO® MARINE™ can be applied by hand or tow behind spreader. The product runs freely and doesn’t bridge out. Easy to use for small and medium land holders. Accurately calibrate and distribute.

PERMAGRO® MARINE™ can be applied in wet weatheror when foliar fertiliser application is not possible.

Fine - Not suitable for a hand spreader due to dusting effect of fine particle. Use a tow behind for dusting the target area or as a mix to substrates. Fine option migrates into the soil profile once watered in.

Coarse - Suitable for hand and tow behind spreaders. The small chip size migrates into the soil profile under the leaf once watered in.

Benefits are economically clear:

PERMAGRO® MARINE™ offers a number of benefits for plant growth and soil quality.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Improved Water Retention: PERMAGRO® MARINE™ improves water retention in the soil, reducing water loss and increasing plant hydration.

  • Enhanced CEC and Nutrient Availability: The loaded zeolite improves the CEC of the soil and provides essential nutrients to plants, promoting healthy growth and development while limiting nitrate leaching.

  • Increased Soil Porosity: The zeolite particles in PERMAGRO® MARINE™ create tiny pores in the soil, promoting aeration and improving soil structure.

  • Improved Soil Fertility: The addition of organic matter and nutrients to the soil enhances soil fertility, promoting healthy plant growth.

PermaGro Marine NPKS

PERMAGRO® MARINE NPKS™ a premium high quality fertiliser that combines the best of both worlds - AgriFert Marine NPKS with PermaGro zeolite.

PermaGro Marine NPKS, designed to provide your plants with the nutrients they need to thrive and has the added benefit of zeolite for water retention and nutrient availability. 

This product includes:

  • Liquid nitrogen urea: high in nitrogen to boost plant growth and development

  • Seaweed & fish emulsion: Providing a range of essential nutrients to plants (including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) as well as trace elements, hormones, and amino acids.

  • Phosphate

  • Calcium

  • Fulvic acid

  • Sulphur

  • Magnesium

  • Potassium

  • EDTA chelated trace elements

  • Tricontanol

  • Gibberellins

  • NZ natural Zeolite

PermaGro Marine Organic

PermaGro Marine Organic a high quality organic fertiliser that is designed to provide essential nutrients to crops and plants using a combination of fish and seaweed compounds.


• BioGro certified input for organics

• Permanent solution for improving soils

• Improves moisture retention

PermaGro Marine Organic™ helps improve soil health by adding organic matter and promoting the growth of beneficial soil microbes. This leads to better soil structure, water retention, and improved nutrient availability.

The NZ natural Zeolite enhances the CEC and nutrient availability of the soil and improves water renstion in the soil, increasing plant hydration.

PermaGro Marine Vine

PERMAGRO® MARINE VINE™ is a high-quality fertiliser for viticulturalists and horticulturalists to manage nutrient delivery at a time when nitrogen impact on leaf growth and fruit quality is less than desirable.

Our “no added N” formulation is designed to provide your vines with the nutrients they need to thrive to their full potential.

PermaGro®Marine Vine™ contains NZ natural Zeolite that helps to improve the CEC of the soils whilst aiding in water retention and nutrient management.

Seaweed used in PermaGro Marine range

PermaGro NutraBoost Kelp

Slow release humic, fulvic and seaweed extracts to stimulate roots and healthy growth.


  • Permanent solution for improving soils

  • Soil conditioner and Biostimulants

  • Supports nutrient uptake

  • Combine with other fertiliser solutions

  • Handy for all plantings or large scale renovations

  • Clean and easy to apply

Zeolite improves the CEC of the soil while slowly delivering slow releases nutrients to the plant roots and enhanced moisture management by retaining moisture and improving soil aeration and drainage.



A Zeolite based granule loaded with high quality surfactant which slowly releases to break down surface tension between water or liquid fertilisers.

PERMAWET™ is a market leading dual action granular wetting agent for the horticultural and turf market. Manufactured using a combination of PERMAGRO™ and a market leading non-ionic surfactant specifically designed to improve the utilisation of valuable available water resources in all growing environments.


• Prevents dry patches in turf

• Improves water percolation in wet soils

• Easy to use granular formulation


Apply as a top dressing to dry turf, coring of greens and fairways. Water in immediately.

PermaWet Nutramix

Permawet® Naturamix™ is a growth promoter and soil conditioner that harnesses the enriching properties of fish, kelp and fulvic acid, combined with Permawet's advanced surfactant system. This unique formulation enhances water absorption, nutrient distribution, and retention for healthier and more abundant yields.


  • Increases water absorption

  • Improves nutrient distribution

  • Reduces soil erosion

  • Retains moisture, reduces water use

  • Increases microbial activity

Usage:  Apply as a top dressing to dry turf, coring of greens and fairways.  Water in immediately.

Secure valuable nutrients to optimise growth with PERMAGRO ALTILIUM


PERMAGRO™ALTILIUM (latin for battery - meaning to hold energy) is a natural mineral additive that improves soil properties (CEC), efficiency of fertilisers, and regulates the moisture content in the soil for the utilisation of pasture and forages.


  • Improves fertiliser efficiency

  • Improves water management

  • Easily mixed and applied with your liquid fertiliser

  • Naturally designed to optimise growth


  • Easily mixed and applied with your liquid fertiliser

  • Retains nutrients such as Ammonium (NH4) Nitrogen (N), Potasium (K), Calcuim(Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) making them available to the plant

  • Reduces nitrate leaching and adds to environmental protection

  • Uses NZ natural zeolite

  • BioGro Certified Input for Organics

  • Improves water retention of the soil

  • Regulates moisture in the soil profile

  • Permanent addition to the soil profile, does not dissolve away

  • Binds toxins, heavy metals ie. lead

  • Consistent size and quality 


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