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StockRock is no ordinary race rock. 
ZorbiFresh Active is no ordinary stall deodoriser.

Although under the Farm catagory, these solutions are all about animal health and well being.

StockRock is a well-proven, hard wearing, chalk-like, farm race surface which cements well and is easy on the cows' hooves.

ZorbiFresh Active is great on bedding in animal barns. It absorbs over 199% of it's weight in moisture and ammonia and kills bacteria. A more natural solution, that won't burn animal skin like some alternatives.

Cows walking on StockRock race rock
Cows walking on StockRock race rock

No ordinary race rock

StockRock® is no ordinary race rock and sits in a category of its own. Why? Because StockRock® packs down to create a smooth, clean and durable seal that brings a whole set of benefits other race capping options can’t offer.

StockRock® provides an even, smooth, durable farm race surface. 

When StockRock® is laid, cow flow to and from the shed is dramatically improved, and herd lameness is reduced. 

Farmers find that sharp stones no longer appear in the yards. No sharp stones means reduced risk of stone bruises and hoof infections. Ask any farmer who uses StockRock® and they will tell you this is the best product they have ever seen or used on their farm races.

ZorbiFresh Active


This is suitable for bedding such as shavings, sawdust, concrete or rubber.


  • A bedding conditioner for cows, calves, goats, sheep, equine and swine

  • Absorbs up to 199% of it’s weight in moisture

  • Reduces odour for a safer environment

  • Starts killing bacteria (including Staph aureus and E. coli) as soon as it is applied and keeps killing beyond 24 hours


ZorbiFresh™ Active can be used as part of a regular process to keep calf pens clean and disease free, but is also highly effective in larger doses post a bacterial outbreak.

ZorbiFresh™ Active starts killing bacteria (including Staph.Aureus and E.coli) as soon as it is applied and keeps killing beyond 24 hours.

ZorbiFresh™ Active absorbs up to 199% of its weight in moisture, soaking up ammonia and nitrates. This prevents ammonia from turning into ammonium and keeping the air fresher for longer, healthier for both animals and workers. 


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