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Our range of 100% organic products covers calf feed supplements to water retention in soils

When you are wanting 100% organic products, you can trust that our products are based on natural inputs to produce 100% natural solutions. 

We offer solutions across a range of industries and applications. Products like OptiCalf, Optimate Vital, PermaGro and our widely used cat litter are all good examples of organic products leading the way in performance.


Calf health naturally.


  • Great value for money

  • Raise healthy calves

  • Calves love the taste


  • Calves love the taste

  • Suitable for minor cases of calf diarrhoea

  • BioGro Certified input for organics

  • Contains NZ natural Zeolite in the form of Optimate, an ACVM registered toxin binder

Calves eating OptiCalf




  • Is a natural mycotoxin binder (Optimate™ ACVM Registration Number A011800)

  • 100% natural

  • No antibiotics

  • ACVM registered toxin binding properties  

  • For use across varied species

  • BioGro Certified input for organics


Optimate is a natural animal feed addititve from New Zealand. It is fed to animals as a natural toxin binder.

Optimate reduces the negative effects of aflatoxins in cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and poultry. This product is for use in feed that meets industry standards for animal feedstuffs. 

It is not for use to modify feed that has unacceptably high levels of mycotoxin contaminants.

Optimate Original product shot

PermaGro Marine Organic

PermaGro Marine Organic a high quality organic fertiliser that is designed to provide essential nutrients to crops and plants using a combination of fish and seaweed compounds.


• BioGro certified input for organics

• Permanent solution for improving soils

• Improves moisture retention

PermaGro Marine Organic™ helps improve soil health by adding organic matter and promoting the growth of beneficial soil microbes. This leads to better soil structure, water retention, and improved nutrient availability.

The NZ natural Zeolite enhances the CEC and nutrient availability of the soil and improves water renstion in the soil, increasing plant hydration.

PermaGro NutraBoost Kelp

Slow release humic, fulvic and seaweed extracts to stimulate roots and healthy growth.


  • Permanent solution for improving soils

  • Soil conditioner and Biostimulants

  • Supports nutrient uptake

  • Combine with other fertiliser solutions

  • Handy for all plantings or large scale renovations

  • Clean and easy to apply

Zeolite improves the CEC of the soil while slowly delivering slow releases nutrients to the plant roots and enhanced moisture management by retaining moisture and improving soil aeration and drainage.


Primary Sectors

  • Lawn & Turf Care 

  • Landscape & Garden 

  • Horticulture

  • Viticulture 

Available in 18kg and Bulk pack sizes

PermaGro Solo 

PermaGro Solo is a natural mineral additive used to improve the performance of the substrate and promote excellent growing conditions. 

Improves soil CEC.

Features of PermaGro Solo:

  • Improves soil structure

  • Enhances root structure development

  • Improves utilisation of nutrients

  • Improves water management

  • Promotes rapid germination and strong root development

  • Reduces nitrate leaching and adds to environmental protection

It's Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) improves nutrient and water management through retention and slow release mechanisms. 


Mixes with soils, potting mix, seedling mix, garden beds, compost, mulch and plantings.

Primary Sectors 

  • Lawn & Turf Care 

  • Landescape 

  • Garden 

  • Sports Turf 

PermaGro Arena 

PermaGro Arena is a natural mineral soil amendment that is specifically graded to be blended with sand soil or fertiliser to enhance root-zone properties 

Features of PermaGro Arena:

  • Improves soil structure 

  • Improves utilisation of nutrients 

  • Improves water management 

  • Easy to blend with soil, sand or fertilisers

  • Primary Sectors: Lawn & Turf Care, Landscape, Garden & Sports Turf. 

Due to its neutral pH it has an anti-acidifaction effect. Its Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) improves nutrient management and binds heavy metals. 

PermaGro Arena is an essential component in producing a world class sports turf surface that is designed to perform.

Primary Sectors 

  • Broadacre Cropping 

  • Agriculture 

  • Pasture 

Permagro Altilium 

Features of PermaGro Altilium 

  • Improves fertiliser efficiency 

  • Improves water management 

  • Easily mixed and applied with your liquid fertiliser

  • Naturally designed to optimise growth 

PermaGro Altilium retains nutrients such as Ammonium (NH4), Nitrogen (N), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), and magnesium making them available to the plant. 

PermaGro Altilium is a natural mineral additive that improves soil properties (CEC), efficiency of fertilisers, and regulates the moisture content in the soils for the utilisation of pasture and forages 

Primary Sectors:

  • Turf

  • Agriculture

  • Viticulture

  • Horticulture

AgriFert Marine Organic 

AgriFert Marine Organic is a high quality organic fertiliser that is designed to provide essential nutrients to crops and plants. 

Features of AgriFert Marine Organic 

  • Use as a folia spray, soil drench or fertigation application

  • Bio Certified input for organic and environmentally friendly 

  • Alternative to conventional fertilisers 

  • Balanced nutrition 

  • Promotes soil health 

  • Blended ready to use 

AgriFert Marine Organic is made using a unique combination of fish emulsion and seaweed which work together to provide a balanced and complete source of nutrition for the plants. 

Fish emulsion is a by-product of fish processing and contains a high concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, the three primary macronutrients that plants need for growth.

Seaweed, on the other hand, is a rich source of micronutrients, such as iron, magnesium, and calcium, that are essential for plant health and growth. 

Cat litter

Pet owners want the best for their pets, this includes when they use a litter box. Blue Pacific Minerals cat litter is a natural solution, absorbing up to 199% of moisture and ammonia and also eradicating odours.

As an added benefit, the litter can be thrown in to the garden once used and it will then benefit your garden by slowly releasing nutrients.

Our home brand Kritter Litter is only available through SPCA around NZ.

FUN FACT: Blue Pacific Minerals is Australasia's largest manufacturer of clay litter

AgriBio -Sumo

Agribio Sumo is a non-pathogenic saprophyte that colonise soil, water and plant surface environments.

AgriBio Sumo suppresses plant diseases by production of number of secondary metabolites including antibiotics, siderophores and hydrogen cyanide. This microbe has the unique ability to enter the plant vascular system, reach the various parts of the plant system and act as a systemic bio-control agent against various fungal and bacterial diseases. 


  • Creates a favourable biological environment in AgriBio-N 

  • Improves root development 

  • Helps fight against some root and plant disease 

  • Fights pathogenic fungi spores in the soil 

  • Encourages positive fungal colonisation 

  • Breaks down small trash and litter 

Application Rates / Recommendations: 
Pasture: 500ml to 1 litre per hectare 
As a biological treatment for plants disease and root development: 1 - 2 litres per hectare 

Withholding period = none

  • All natural heat sterilised mineral - contains no chemicals
  • Exceeds EPA landfill leachate tests
  • Absorbs immediately on contact
  • Super absorbent capacity
  • Ecologically safe - will not leach back absorbed fluids

Absorbents - Mineral Sponge

Multi-purpose liquid and vapour absorbent especially suited to spill control

Mineral Sponge is not only able to physically absorb chemical spill it can also chemically adsorb it. This is because positive cations bond onto the the negative sites contained within the structure of the zeolite. Being a light weight clay Mineral Sponge is easy to handle but not too light that it can't be used in windy or draughty conditions unlike other absorbents on the market that are only suited to indoor applications. Mineral Sponge absorbs almost all liquids; acids, alkalis, oils, chemicals and petroleum products.
While Mineral Sponge is widely used in the industrial area, it can be just as versatile at home or on the farm, mopping up liquid chemicals, or in the workshop after oil changes.


It is very easy to use. In the case of a small spill, just spread mineral sponge evenly over the top and leave to absorb - or broom in to hasten the absorbing process. For larger spills, pour Mineral Sponge around the outside to 'dam' the spill (stop it from spreading) then spread over the top.
This process is also used for chemical spills with the added advantage of not only physically absorbing, but also chemically absorbing any vapour or toxic odours.


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