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Elevate small ruminant health and productivity.  Starting with lambs and kids to milking ewes & does.

We have specific formulations designed for small ruminants. Providing minerals, probiotics and toxin binding (in the form of ACVM registered Optimate) for ewes, does, kids and lambs.

Optimate™ range for goats

Your milking goats have different feed requirements at different stages in the year. The Optimate™ Range for Goats is specifically designed for does and their mineral, vitamin, toxin binding and probiotic needs.

OptiKid and Lamb pail

Ensuring kids and lambs get the best start in life with billions of good bacteria along with the benefits of Oregano Oil and supplement of B vitamins to help them thrive

MPI approved for use in farm dairies!

Grubby hands in the milking shed?

Magic Mud is made with natural ingredients including our zeolite to remove odour and all types of grease and grime.

  • MPI approved for use in farm dairies

  • MPI recognised for use in dairy processing

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