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NZ Natural Zeolite is a very clever mineral

Our Zeolite is a highly effective absorber, retains moisture, slowly releases pre-loaded nutrients, attracts positively charged liquids and compounds and the list goes on. 

The majority of our products are based on a unique zeolite mineral from New Zealand with a porous three-dimensional honeycomb framework with a net negative charge. The combined honeycomb framework and net negative charge allow the zeolite to absorb both liquids and compounds.

The finished material works both like a sponge and a magnet; soaking up liquids, and exchanging magnetic compounds.

What makes BPM zeolite unique?
Worldwide, there are more than 60 different zeolite species, each with their own unique qualities. BPM’s zeolite ores are among the youngest in the world at around 250,000 years old. The young age and unique structure of BPM’s zeolites make them suitable for a broad range of applications.

What markets use BPM’s unique zeolites?
BPM zeolites have multiple applications. These include animal health products, soil and potting mix amendments, odour absorbers, coating agent to chemical or liquid carriers. Zeolite is used increasingly in horticulture markets as an enhancer of media to improve nutrient and moisture retention values while maintaining a porous structure.

What is the environmental impact of BPM Zeolite?
Mining zeolite has a low environmental impact. At the quarry the topsoil and overburden (the clay seam between the topsoil and zeolite) are removed and stockpiled for future rehabilitation of the site - as the quarry develops, rehabilitation occurs. The processing uses low and efficient energy methods that include solar drying. Unlike many other mineral processes which result in huge residues of physically altered material that has to be disposed of, zeolite product utilises all the primary ore mined.

Our NZ natural zeolite in it's simplist form is an organic product and used in animal feeds as a registered toxin binder.

The number of uses for this clever mineral are endless. Contact us to talk about your requirements for something that is Clever by Nature.

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