Cow lameness Guru Neil Chesterton gave an awesome presentation on the risk factors for dairy herd lameness at a Dairy NZ event in Te Aroha yesterday.
Neil takes a holistic approach with data from 11 seasons and studies of over 4,800 dairy cows that shows how many factors are involved in the pathway to lameness.
Neils 5 keys to success in lameness control -
1. Record keeping – your understanding starts with records for each lame cow: Date treated, cow ID, type of lesion causing the pain
2. Treat early
3. Cow flow and cow comfort
4. Hygiene – low infection pressure( foot bath)
5. Good quality horn and foot shape

Track maintenance with subsequent cow flow on tracks are 2 of the major risk factors for the prevalence of sole injuries (around 30% of lameness conditions in NZ dairy herds).
This is where StockRock comes into its own by providing a soft race surface allowing cows to move freely over the whole track. When StockRock is applied to farm races, cow flow to and from the shed is dramatically improved and herd lameness is reduced. Farmers find that sharp stones no longer turn up in the yards reducing the incidence of stone bruises and hoof infections.
Thanks Neil for the informative morning! For more info see Neils website

Two Gurus