Blue Pacific Minerals attaches great importance to respecting both the people and the environment surrounding the sites where we excavate and process minerals. Our objective is to always behave like good citizens. We understand that we must embrace our responsibility to respect the environment and the communities in the vicinities of our operations.

What we're doing

Various initiatives are carried out with neighbouring inhabitants and schools in our region. For example, we invite children from the local schools to tour the quarry sites. This affords an opportunity for our industrial processes to be explained and discussed and is a great experience for the children to learn about zeolites, the amazing properties of the minerals and their many various applications. These interchanges enable us to develop our resources in a way that is acceptable to the community, they can see how our products relate directly to their own farming lives, and is an opportunity for us to get to know our neighbours.

If your school is interested in visiting the zeolite quarry and finding out more about zeolite and its uses, we would love to hear from you.

Perlite Resources

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Applications of perlite [Adobe Acrobat PDF 文件]
Physical characteristics of perlite [Adobe Acrobat PDF 文件]

Zeolite Resources

BPM Zeolite Production Process [Adobe Acrobat PDF 文件]
Zeolites in the Ngakuru 2C Taupo Volcanic Zone [Adobe Acrobat PDF 文件]


Blue Pacific Minerals is New Zealand’s largest processor of both perlite and zeolite.


Zeolites have been used overseas for re-habilitating land in the Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima nuclear disasters.


Zeolites are known as “super soakers”. They have a unique, open crystal structure with very high porosity. Their structure resembles hollow cages, which provides a huge surface area for chemical exchange and absorption.


Zeolites have vast internal surface areas; one teaspoon has an internal area equivalent to several football fields. Nutrients from animal wastes, waterways and industrial process can be tied up within this layer structure.


Perlite can pop like popcorn. When you heat perlite to 850 degrees it expands like popcorn to 30 times its original size.


Zeolite is great for farm animals. BPM’s Optimate Zeolite acts as a natural adsorbent for toxins and excess ammonia in the digestive tract. It acts as a natural tonic.


Zeolites have unique power over odours. When formulated into gypsum board used in house construction it can still reduce the impact of harmful odours. That is even after paper and paint has been applied.


Zeolite is a thermally altered clay. The zeolites present in the Ngakuru quarries are derived from lakebed sediments deposited during intense volcanic activity about 250,000 years ago.

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