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NZ Fieldays 2021 Blue Pacific Minerals New Solutions On Display

Visit Blue Pacific Minerals at site J23 in the Dairy Precinct at Fieldays to see our innovative new products, and for a chance to win StockRock for your farm races and OptiCalf Flourish to help your calves thrive.

The BPM team are excited to be launching a number of new products designed to assist with calf and herd health, as well as improved maize growth. We'll have key staff and experts on hand to answer questions and learn more about the individual challenges and opportunities you face. Our featured products will be in the following areas:

CALVING: Launching our calving solution that is based on facing the bacterial challenges of the first 60 days of calving and ensuring calves are set up to flourish. These products include OptiCalf, OptiCalf Flourish and ZorbiFresh Active. We'll also have the ammonia sniff test with ZorbiFresh Active.

HERD: Our Fieldays team will be launching our new herd health range of feed supplements that can aid the health of your herd more naturally by focusing on the full 365 days of herd health for optimal performance. This is our Optimate range, come in to see what we have to offer.

FARM: We'll also be introducing PermaGreen which boosts the growth of maize crops to add value to your feed supply, and can be used as a 'break crop' in your pasture renewal process.

You'll also be able to learn about our popular StockRock farm race surface, and get an idea of the costs and logistics of laying it on your farm, as well as the longevity and herd health benefits. Guess the weight of our bin of Stock Rock to go into the draw for some free StockRock ex quarry.

Fieldays is always a busy day, but make sure you mark J23 in the Dairy Precinct on your map and come and see the BPM team.


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