We are a tenacious, dedicated team, with strong rural roots in the Central North Island of New Zealand. A flair for innovation has always been a prerequisite for survival in this dramatic volcanic environment. Working collaboratively to share the load, we value old-fashioned New Zealand traits such as honesty, integrity and family.

Dave Hill Web

Dave Hill

Managing Director

m. +64 274 573 007

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Bernard Novak Web

Bernard Novak

Market Development Manager

m. +64 27 646 3729

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Grant Funnell Web

Grant Funnell

General Manager

m. +64 27 530 0678

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Les West Web

Les West

Operations Manager

m. +64 27 246 1984

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Ardy Wallace Web

Ardy Wallace

Administration and Logistics Manager

m. +64 7 885 0550

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Nigel Kewish Web

Nigel Kewish

Account Manager

m. +64 27 555 6713

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Shane Smith Web

Shane Smith

Account Manager, StockRock

m. 0800 88 55 55

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Kelvin Johansson Web

Kelvin Johansson

Account Manager, Optimate

m. 0800 678 444

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Paul Tidmarsh Web

Paul Tidmarsh

Majority Shareholder

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