Aqual-P is a powdered recyclable granule, used to combat nutrient-based algal bloom in water courses

Product Description

A powdered, recyclable, whole granule or water dispersible granule, Aqual P, has proven to be a natural weapon in the battle against nutrient-based algal bloom. Aqual P, has been used in Central North Island lakes, including Rotorua’s Lake Okaro.

BPM market development manager Bernard Novak explains how, when applied to the sediment layer in the lake, Aqual P absorbs rogue phosphorus, cutting off the food source for problematic algae. BPM’s ingenuity was responsible for recognising that modified Zeolite could have a role to play in mitigating water pollution. Rotorua-based Scion recognised this was research-worthy and teamed up with BPM in 2004 to develop technology based on the absorbent and cation exchange properties of the mineral. When trials were held on Lake Okaro, scientific testing showed significant reductions in phosphorous levels in the water.

“The mineral effectively “capped” the lake bed, trapping phosphorous released from the sediment when the deeper water layers lose their oxygen in summer.  This stopped nutrient levels in the water rising to the point where blue-green algae bloom can turn the lake into a thick algal soup,” Bernard says. "BPM continues to explore avenues for the use of Aqual P in waste water treatment, as well as in recreational lakes, he says.

The problem of phosphate contamination from intensive farming, poor water treatment in highly populated areas, and the growing demand for clean drinking water is worldwide and Aqual-P is a tool specifically designed to address this issue.

“There is a largely untapped global market for this product and the topic of “clean water” is one that is near the top of the political list for most countries around the world. BPM have the exclusive rights for the manufacture and marketing of this technology."

Aqual P Helicopter Application Okawa Bay


Aqual-P is able to be made in solid granule form, powder, or as a water dispersible granule, to allow broadcasting pattern, high sinking rate to desired depth then full dispersal. BPM have the manufacturing and worldwide marketing and manufacturing license to Aqual-P.

  • World leading technology
  • Scavenges phosphate from water and locks it up
  • Can be used to remediates large lake bodies
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