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AgriFert, AgriBio and Fixine have now joined the Blue Pacific Minerals family

We have some of the same great products and some new ones added to the line up.

To see Fixine, Fix Calm and the new Dryline for horse stall bedding click on the below left hand image.

For AgriFert liquid fertilisers for pasture and crops click on the right hand image below.


For more information on Fixine and a list of stockists, click on the image above.

Fixine is a specific blend of probiotics and NZ natural zeolite to help the performance of your horses.

Dryline is a new stall deodoriser that repels flies and absorbs ammonia from bedding.

Pasture and Crops

More information on the AgriFert range of liquid fertilisers can be found by clicking the image above.

AgriFert liquid fertiliser range includes AgriFert NS32, this is UAN nitrogen on a seaweed base for rapid uptake by the plant and good pasture and crop growth.

There are also products with humic, fulvic and fish blended for optimal growth and soil replenishment.

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