Optimate MF+

Optimate MF+ provides a perfect calcium balance around calving, thus minimizing the risk of hypocalcaemia and milk fever

Product Description

Optimate MF+ is a synthetic based zeolite product developed to prevent calcium deficiencies (milk fever triggered by the onset of lactation post calving. Optimate MF+ contains synthetic zeolite which is effective in binding calcium in the contents of the gastro-intestinal tract). The cows own hormone system is therefore stimulated which results in effective mobilisation and absorption of calcium from its own body reserve.


OptimateMF+ milk fever prevention


Fed two weeks prior to calving at 500gm per cow per day it binds the calcium that is supplied from the feed, which in turn causes hormones to adjust to a condition of low calcium. It has been proven that Hypocalcaemia causes loss in Production, reduced fertility, and incidences of other diseases. As sub-clinical Milk Fever is often untreated the impact on profitability is greater to the farmer than clinical Milk Fever.

  • Reduces milk fever by up to 95%
  • Maintain a natural calcium level at calving
  • Easy to administer, in feed solution
  • Eliminates the risk factor hypocalcaemia
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