MaxiMin is a cost effective and easy to use, essential mineral mix to ensure the optimal health of your dairy herd.

Product Description

MaxiMin is a cost effective supply of key minerals in a rumen dispersible granule, that is dustless and easy to use. MaxiMin mixes with silages and can be blended with all types of supplementary feed.

MaxiMin contains BPM product Optimate at 30%, plus magnesium - (as magnesium oxide and magnesium sulphate), as well as calcium - as calcium carbonate in ratios to meet most NZ dairy farm requirements, from post calving and for the majority of the season. Request your feed supplier add MaxiMin to your supplementary feed. Please note: Do not feed MaxiMin before calving.

Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) are both included in MaxiMin at a ratio of approx. 2:1 - to be used post calving to supplement and top up your herds requirements. Mg is required for the production of hormones that are important for the absorption of Ca from the gut and the mobilisation of Ca from bones. Ca is an essential nutrient for peak optimum milk production, skeletal growth and muscle function and supplements low Ca feeds.

Other minerals such as sodium can be added in a coarse form along with MaxiMin at the point of use.

Optimate is a milled BPM zeolite product that:
* Has proven to reduce excess rumen ammonium levels
* Reduces plasma and milk urea N
* Enhances the nutritional value of stock feed
* Acts as a rumen buffer
* Reduces nitrogen and phosphorus losses into the environment
* Helps control acidosis, ketosis and other animal ailments
Optimate has been used as a feed additive for livestock for many decades to increase average daily gain and improve health of young stock, improve rumen function and nitrogen utilisation and help prevent metabolic disorders, such milk fever and ketosis. Ongoing research has also shown that feeding cows Optimate lowers blood urea levels. This is a sign of improved protein-nitrogen utilisation in the rumen of the cow, which will lead to lower nitrogen levels in the urine. A recent research trial carried out by DairyNZ showed that even at moderate pasture protein levels, zeolite can improve rumen nitrogen utilisation, by lowering ammonium production in the rumen.


Roger Holton web2"MaxiMin is easy to use,
dustless and does the job!"

Roger Holten, Marvic Trust farm, Waikato

cows eating


Fed at 250g/cow per day gives 80g zeolite, 18g Mg and 39g Ca.

Ensure MaxiMin is well blended throughout the ration before feeding. Seek advice before substantially altering ration feeding rates and take care when feeding ad-lib.

Available in 20KG bags and 500KG sling bags


  • Ca and Mg included at ratio for optimal post calving performance
  • Wont seperate out when added to feeds
  • Helps rumen buffering and the reduction of excess rumen ammonium levels
  • Easy to use – free-flowing and dispersible in the rumen
  • Can also aid as a maize mineral balancer
  • Maximin absorbs fungal toxins in maize silage
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