Attention farmers! Are your farm races in poor condition? Do you have major cow lameness issues? Then show us your farm race shocker!

There are all sorts of reasons why herd lameness can happen on a dairy farm and we here at Blue Pacific Minerals believe our product StockRock can make your life a whole lot better and are prepared to prove it!

We would like to see some ‘extreme’ farm race situations.  If your farm race is a real shocker, then send us a photo and an explanation of why you deserve to win this prize. Please give us the details of how many cows went lame over the season and your estimated cost of those lame cows. If you nominate a friend they must know you are nominating them. We will be taking ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos when the race is fixed, along with a summary of the job and monitoring the improvements experienced in herd lameness over the following 12 months.

Farmers can nominate themselves or you can be nominated by a farm advisor, vet or simply a friend.

How do I enter?
Send photos and a brief explanation of your farming situation, herd lameness, farm location and why you deserve to win an $8000 farm race upgrade to:   Or enter at  

Competition closes 30th June 2017.   Terms & conditions  at   Call Shane 0800 88 55 55 for more info.

WIN an $8000 farm race upgrade