Staff at BPM have signed up to a 2017 Blue Pacific Minerals fitness challenge and on Saturday night completed the first of three events, running the 7km distance in ‘Run the Night” at Mt Maunganui. Matt Van Nistelrooy from BPM said it was a great atmosphere with the team running the short 7km course in under 45minutes to crowds of people cheering them on. He's keen to go back next year. 

BPM have generously contributed 50% of the costs for entry fees for staff participants as well as providing t-shirts.

The next event is on Sat 6th May running 5km/10km/21km or 42km in the Rotorua Marathon. This is to be followed by - "The Tough Guy, Tough Girl Corporate Challenge" in August. This will be the "Mineral Munchers" (BPM team's name) major event of the year where we will be on a course that includes swamp crossings, a spiders web net climb, crawl under barb wire, native bush trails, tunnels, hurdles, a climbing frame - not to mention, mud mud and more mud!

The reason for this madness? We think training to be in the best physical and mental health we can be helps with our self-confidence, stamina and endurance - which makes us better at our jobs and in all areas of our lives!

Thanks BPM for helping us achieve our goals.

The ambition effect: Setting a goal can change your life!