We asked you last year at the end of calving season to give us feedback on our new calf antiscour product OptiGuard. In particular, we were interested in how we could improve the packaging. Thanks to everyone who responded. You came back quickly with a whole bunch of great suggestions.
Many asked for a scoop and a plastic bucket. On investigation it turned out that to include a scoop really drove the price up, it was a surprisingly expensive item to source! As a lot of comments told us to keep the product price down, we listened. OptiGuard is BioGro certified as an input for organics, so this was another reason why we wanted to keep away from plastic if possible and let the packaging remain biodegradable and easily recyclable.

We had the bag redesigned to have a narrower gusset, (so the product is fuller in the bag and easier to handle - not like a floppy pillow that it was). And as dampness was an issue for many of you, the new bag has a rain-shield coating to keep it from getting damp during the winter months. The bag also has nano-sized perforations in the paper (you can’t see them) to let the air escape, which keeps the product tightly fitting in the packaging.

And to finish, we redesigned the bag to show ‘you’, our customers on the cover. Lannah Johnson is a calf rearer we met at Fieldays last year - and was one of our very first customers! She is on the front cover of the bag with her calves who are eating OptiGuard. They look so healthy and grew so quickly eating this stuff, what better endorsement than to include them too.

We hope you like the new look. OptiGuard is available again exclusively through your local vet, distributed by Agvance, who aim to make this available at every vet clinic in New Zealand.

OptiGuard will be at Fieldays 14-17 th June again this year. Call in and see us. Place your order at Fieldays to go in the draw to win your OptiGuard.
We hope to see you there. site G81.”

New Look OptiGuard ready for the coming calving season