A small team from BPM ran/walked distances in the Rotorua Marathon in the weekend. It was actually a lot of fun. Shane Smith ( StockRock Account Manager) ran the 21km distance, Dave Chitty (BPM accountant) walked the 21km distance (- they both received a medal for their efforts). Denise (reception), Matt (Supervisor) and Leonie (marketing) walked the 5.5km.

Big promises were made on the day regarding next year’s event. Dave and Matt decided they would both train to run the 21km and Denise said she would walk the 21km. Don’t know about Shane (as he is training for 2018 Iron man)

Our next BPM event is the Tough Guy, Tough Girl challenge in Rotorua on 19th August. This will be a really fun event where we do a 6km course as a team and we have to help each other complete the hurdles along the way. We are only as fast as our weakest team member.

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