Where is the sunshine? It was a long day in the rain shooting product videos for BPM product brands OptiGuard and Optimate. Thanks to calf rearer's Zach Wallings, Lannah Johnson and sharemilker's Glenn and Marie Todd for your participation. We couldn't have done it without you. We still have the StockRock product video to shoot, but we are going to wait for the weather to fine up first. Also a 4th video is being made about the unique properties of BPM zeolites.

Worldwide there are 60 varying Zeolite types, each unique to its geographical region, degree of thermal alteration and proximity to the thermal fissures. We have a lot of interest from people wanting to know about our geologically young BPM zeolites,  as they have a  greater absorption capability than older glassy Zeolites. The age and uniqueness of Blue Pacific Minerals zeolite provides a large internal surface area up to 145m2/g, allowing this zeolite to absorb up 70% of its own weight in liquid.

This makes Blue Pacific Minerals zeolite well suited for use in large-scale crop operations, horticulture, filtration and animal husbandry where it can adsorb freely available nutrients and make them available upon plant or animal demand.

Shooting Stars