Calf rearing is capital intensive, has high risks associated with animal health and is a short term intense activity. With the slim margins for financial gain, growing calves to reach their target weight in the shortest amount of time is the name of the game. Zach Wallings and partner Lannah Johnson appear to have the winning formula and have successfully raised calves contracted to sell at weight for the last 4 seasons. Zach has been rearing winning calves since school calf club days and even owned his own Hereford stud at 11 years of age.

BPM launched a new calf anti-scour product at National Fieldays in June where Lannah picked up on the opportunity to try OptiGuardTM with their calves. Lannah is already an advocate. OptiGuardTM  is proving to be an inexpensive and effective way to optimise her calf’s growth rates and eliminate scours. “We saw results within days! It was amazing”, says Lannah. “They love the taste of it and are responding with rapid growth rates and no incidence of scouring in the shed.  We’ve been telling all our calf rearing friends about it,” she enthuses.

If you would like to try OptiGuardTM with your calves this Spring, give Kelvin a call on 0800 678 444

Extra effort now pays dividends