Sponsoring the local combined schools calf day competition here in Tokoroa this week was a lot of fun. Organiser Kim Sneddon says, even though there was a smaller turn out than expected, there is still a lot of community support. Kim has been running the show for the last 8 years and says she has it down to a fine art, though admits she is now ready to hand the reigns over to someone new.

10yr old Jack Perrott won many awards for his prize winning calf 'Charlie' - who has been raised on OptiGuard of course. "She drinks us out of house and home and eats OptiGuard straight out of my hands," says Jack. Charlie was born on 22 July and is already well over 130kg, not surprising really considering Jack with his sister Monique, feed her meal and OptiGuard about 10 times a day. When asked what makes Charlie special, Jack says she is just really friendly and always comes up to him. "I didn't choose her", he explains, "she chose us".

Calf Day Competition Jack Perrot and Charlie the calf