Congratulations to the winner of the OptiGuard calf photo competition, Brenda Hansen whose photo emerged as the clear winner - as chosen by 30 BPM staff. Brenda has 4 children who have had great success at various calf days with their animals this year. The children will be showing their Opti-calves right through to Auckland Easter show next year. 7yr old Alexis who features in the winning shot was thrilled with her winnings!

The OptiGuard story is a short one. Launched in June this year at National Fieldays, OptiGuard in only 5 months has become an established brand in the market place. Calves love eating the product and customers have overwhelmed us with feedback as to  how effective it has been. Here's an example of what our customers have been saying. "After getting a few issues with one mob of calves the vets put me onto OptiGuard... my calves absolutely love the stuff I'm so impressed by it every mob is on it with there meal and growing so well now! After their milk they go straight for it! They have gained so much weight and looking so happy and healthy, very impressed by this product!! - Renae Flett -Bulls

OptiGuard is a calf antiscour product that optimises calves health and growth rates. For more info see our Facebook page


and the winner is.... Brenda Hansen Love is time with your calf WINNER web