Thanks everyone who entered the OptiGuard photo competition, we loved getting your photos of farming life and your animals enjoying OptiGuard. You realise it was an impossible choice for prize winners - as they were all amazing photos and all in different ways. Our winner chosen by BPM staff, focused on featuring the product packaging with the cute calves inspecting the bag. Our other three winners not so much. The customer choice winner was such a close call between 2 pictures we are glad they both won a prize.

Congratulations to Rachel Usmar of Matamata who won first place $200, with her photo entitled, “Worse than kids, would rather play with the bag”! Kirsty Stratton won 2nd place $100 with “Early bird gets the worm and the smart calf gets the hay bed”. Angela Holdem was 3rd place winning $100. Your customer choice award goes to Tracey Schrader -"Farming in the blood". Tracey also wins $100.

So that’s a wrap till next year, thanks everyone for sharing your OptiGuard photos with us. We hope you have had a successful season and OptiGuard has helped you to achieve that.

and the winner is...