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I started out as an administrative assistant, carrying out general office and reception duties and running errands – my position grew as the company grew. For me, its been really awesome being part of the constant growth and development of the company.

A very cool memory was when we were decommissioning our old Aluminium plant and the huge crane (of which there aren’t many in the country) that was organised to lift the plant through the roof wasn’t available, potentially holding up the project. Les then walks out of the plant and says “where’s a blimmen crane when you need one?” Next minute, out of the blue a massive crane drives past our plant. It was big enough for the job so Les runs out in the middle of the road and stops it and the rest is history, lol. (The chances of being that lucky were slim to none)

The part of my job I love the most is dealing with people from all over the world and organising orders and transport and shipping. I often get teased about being a control freak but you kinda need to be in my job in order to have everything happen how it should.