We’re are incredibly proud to support projects and organisations that are making a real difference in our local community. We support initiatives which speak to our company values:

Who we are: Family based, rural, envisioning a strong healthy community
What we think: Long-term thinking, both environmentally and economically
How we behave: Personal achievement – resilient, curious, successful, innovative

Sponsorship provides BPM an opportunity to bring our brand to life in a tangible way, supporting our friends and neighbours in our local community. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships wherever possible, which enable truly collaborative partnership. Below are the local partners we currently support.

SPCA Waikato 3

SPCA - Tokoroa SPCA / Waikato Paws for Life

We’ve been sponsoring these organisations since 2010, and provide our kitty litter product on an on-going basis to the Tokoroa SPCA/Waikato SPCA and Paws for Life charities. The Tokoroa SPCA and Paws for Life are both registered charities whose mission is to provide a safe haven; to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals large or small. Through animal welfare and education, they work to create a community where all animals receive the compassion and respect they deserve.

Tokoroa Community Gardens1 1

Tokoroa Community Gardens

BPM provides a granular grade of zeolite for use as a composting conditioner to the Tokoroa Community Gardens. The Tokoroa Community Gardens are run by Volunteers who grow chemical free produce with their profits paid back to other community initiatives.  The community gardens are located in Braeside Ave, hours are as follows: Summer - 8.00am - 2.30pm, winter - 8.30am -2.30pm (except Mondays - close at 12 noon).

Blue Pacific Minerals Tokoroa New Zealand

Applying for Sponsorship

Our sponsorship activities are governed by the following principles.

  • Sponsorship provides a vehicle to communicate our organisational values and our brand values.
  • Sponsorships build and develop the reputation of our brand.
  • Sponsorships create a tangible connection with our communities and provide benefits to our staff, customers and the wider community.
  • Sponsorships provide for the participation and recognition of our people.


Proposals cannot be considered if they:

  • involve risk or danger
  • support individuals only
  • support religious or political groups or events


BPM has a small discretionary sum available for local events and sponsorships that reflect our company values. These sponsorships are allocated twice yearly with applications closing 28th Feb or 30 August, for amounts under $500. If your event or initiative meets our criteria please download the sponsorship application form and send your application to our postal address before either of these closing dates. Thank you for considering us as a potential partner.

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