StockRock is a well-proven, hard wearing, chalk-like, farm race surface which cements well and is easy on the cows' hooves

Product Description

农场路面的最佳铺垫材料。 StockRock是一种呈粉笔色经久耐磨的农场路面铺垫材料,具有较好的粘合性,踏在上面会让牛蹄感到柔和舒适

StockRock provides an even, smooth, durable farm race surface. When applied to farm races in accordance with the StockRock Installation Guide, cow flow to and from the shed is dramatically improved, and herd lameness is reduced. Farmers find that sharp stones no longer appear in the yards. No sharp stones means reduced risk of stone bruises and hoof infections. Ask any farmer who uses StockRock and they will tell you this is the best product they have ever seen or used on their farm races.

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StockRock looks like a white chalk, but is a hard wearing rock formation. StockRock is laid at 180mm thickness, and cements in place once vibe-rolled.  If the cows do pick up StockRock in their hooves and carry it onto the concrete area at the cowshed, the StockRock will crush down to a powder, not piercing the hooves or causing lameness. 

Stock Rock have a list of contractors who are specialists in laying Stock Rock, call 0800 88 55 55 to find out who is available in your area.

StockRock was first put down on farm races in 2004. Dairy farms throughout the North Island, where StockRock races have been installed, are finding a significant reduction in cow lameness. When StockRock is used on farm races, it dramatically improves the cow flow to and from the shed.

  • Reduce cow lameness on dairy farms by up to 90%
  • Hard wearing - no maintenance for 3 years or longer
  • Light-weight - get more sq metres of finished surface area for every tonne ordered
  • StockRock handles wet weather and high useage
  • Cows can walk on the newly surfaced race straight after StockRock has been applied
  • Versatility - shed stored to ensure dryness of product for year round availability
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