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Product Description

PermaGreen is a nitrogen management system for maize crops using NZ natural zeolite.

PERMAGREEN™ is a BPM natural zeolite based core into which urea is ‘loaded’. The urea is held within the structure of the zeolite crystal and released slowly once in the soil.

How does PERMAGREEN™ work?

The zeolite crystal provides the perfect ‘home’ for the efficient delivery of nitrogen into a soil root zone. Scientific papers show the attraction of the urease enzyme to the negatively charged zeolite crystal. As the loaded urea emerges from the crystal it is met by urease enzymes which break down the urea into ammonia/ammonium. The soil/plant may take up some of this ammonium and also take up N in the form of nitrate following the nitrification process. Any excess ammonium not consumed will be attracted back into the zeolite crystal by ion exchange. This effectively stores the nitrogen until the plant demands/requires it - providing a natural delayed release mechanism for nitrogen.

Does PERMAGREEN™ have any environmental impact on my farm?

YES - and all positive. The mechanism used to deliver the improved crop yield is also proportionally reducing the relative losses of nitrogen that would normally occur through the nitrogen cycle. The retention and slow release of urea into the soil, combined with the relative proximity of the urease reaction to the zeolite crystal, means that the excess ammonium produced will be retained by ion exchange with in the zeolite crystal - thereby minimising both volatile gases and leachable nitrates



Does using the PERMAGREEN™ system add any complexity to my maize planting or management?

NO. Simply order your PERMAGREEN™ by calling BPM directly on 0800 678 444. PERMAGREEN™ will be delivered in loose bulk form to your farm or preferred spreading company. (The increased cost of freight and spreading has been calculated into the grower return numbers.) PERMAGREEN™ will handle adequately well through standard moving-floor spreaders. (Note - we have not tested through aerial drop systems. Do not use in static floor spreaders.)

  • Improve nitrogen efficiency
  • Improve profit/Ha
  • Increase soil productivity
  • Reduce crop stress during drought
  • Retain more nutrient
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