Kritter Litter

100% New Zealand natural lightweight environmental pet litter product

Product Description


BPM own-brand environmental pet litter range is a unique 100% New Zealand natural lightweight alternative to the standard heavy bentonites commonly used. It is sold to veterinary practices and cattery/kennels in NZ and SE Asia. Kritter Litter is a clean graded, low dust, light-weight litter suitable for all pet toilet applications. The high CEC of zeolite physically absorbs the ammonium smell which is the main odour component of animal urine. The high moisture absorbency ensures maximum uptake and litter life.

The spent clay, clumping, paper or pine pellet litter can safely be disposed of in flower garden soils or potting mixes.  Kritter Litter paper is biodegradable, compostable and flushable.

The Kritter Litter environmental pet litter range is clean, long-lasting and user-friendly. Available in 20kg /7 litre bags.


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Pour approximately 7.5cm of Kritter Litter into a tray, placing the tray somewhere dry and accessible to your pet. Regularly scoop out soiled material and top-up with fresh Kritter Litter.

  • High absorption (like a sponge)
  • Adsorption (like a magnet)
  • Neutralisation of odours (cation exchange)
  • Fast acting
  • 100% New Zealand natural
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