A filter media that effectively removes iron, manganese and odours from gravity fed filter systems

Product Description


Filta-Aid is a natural mineral that has a large internal surface area and high cation exchange capability (C.E.C) that will allow much more adsorption of iron and manganese than sand as filter media. Our unique blend of two different zeolites give the maximum adsorption of iron and manganese.

Field trials have shown that the two pot mix of two different zeolites is the most effective way of removing iron and manganese in a gravity fed filter system.

Iron and manganese are frequently present in domestic water supplies. In well waters, the soluble iron oxide is converted to the soluble form of ferrous (disolved iron). Ferrous iron is colourless in solution, but when it comes in contact with the air, it oxidises readily creating reddish brown, solid particles which are then precipitated as ferric oxide (particles). High concentrations of iron or manganese will cause staining of laundry and porcelain fixtures and deposits in pipes, tanks and water heaters. In addition, iron may give the water a metallic taste making it unpleasant to drink. Iron bacteria, while considered harmless to health, can be very objectionable, causing slime and staining.

Filta Aid water filter media2


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  • Effectively reduces iron
  • Effectively reduces manganese
  • Effectively reduces odour
  • Reduced back flushing frequency
  • Last longer between changes
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