In October, NZ Farmer magazine featured a story about an amazing young woman Renae Flett who had won the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards Manawatu Farm Manager of the Year Award and taken on a new challenge, setting her sights on winning Share Farmer of the Year. A couple of days later on the OptiGuard Facebook page, coincidently, Renae posted really great feedback about how she had tried the OptiGuard anti scour product and was really impressed with how much weight her calves had gained and how healthy they were.
The synchronicity of the exchange got me thinking that since Renae had tried OptiGuard and loved it and as she was setting herself such an awesome personal farming challenge, wouldn’t it be fantastic to support her in her quest?
So we asked Renae if we could sponsor her with the Optimate product (transitioning from using OptiGuard with her calves to now trying Optimate with her adult dairy herd) then follow her progress over this next coming year. She can post her farming updates, tell us about her challenges, and we can help propel Renae towards achieving her dreams.
We’re pretty excited about it and we hope you will enjoy following Renae with us online as well at

Renae's farming challenge Renae Flett farming challenge