BPM calf rearing product OptiGuard was sold in Vet clinics nationwide for the first time this season. Calf rearers are very passionate about the health and well-being of their charges and many shared photos of their calves eating OptiGuard as well as stories of the success they had enjoyed.

So we ran a 2017 calving season OptiGuard calf photo competition. With over 80 entries, we put the final choice out to our OptiGuard Facebook page readers to vote. Ruth Hone was the clear winner, with the entry below. Photo caption is: "When you first realised you'd been replaced".

Nicole Fisher came 2nd, winning $100 and Gail Rickard won 3rd place of $100. Thanks to everyone for your entries. If you would like to see more, check out out OptiGuard facebook page  at www.facebook.com/OptimateNZ

OptiGuard calf photo competition winners